This is the form to use to a make a formal application for a tenancy with us.

If yours is just a first enquiry at the moment, please use our Contact page instead.

If you have seen our advert, contacted us, viewed a house, raised any queries, then discussed and agreed you want to go for it... you are in the right place!

Please fill in the form below and then stand by for us coming back to you straight away requesting you to send us the £100 each Holding Deposit.

We use a Company called Tenancy360 to handle the application process smoothly all online, that includes obtaining References, Information & a Guarantor for each applicant as well as ensuring everyone has the Right to Rent in the UK (as per government requirements).

Once they have sent their report for the whole group to us, we then decide and come back to you, to say whether we wish to make a formal offer of tenancy to your group.

By completing this form, each applicant agrees their data can be forwarded to Tenancy360 for this purpose.

To be clear, just one form needs completing for the group but it must include everyone’s details and consents.

To get started, firstly please select which house you wish to be yours, from the drop down menu. BUT BEFORE YOU BEGIN, JUST GO DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE SO YOU CAN SEE HOW THE REST OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS WORKS ONCE THE FORM HAS BEEN SENT.

Tenant 1 Details:

Will you commencing your:

Then, read all these statements and tick each box to show you understand and agree with each one:

Tenant 2 Details:

Will you commencing your:

Then, read all these statements and tick each box to show you understand and agree with each one:

Tenant 3 Details:

Will you commencing your:

Then, read all these statements and tick each box to show you understand and agree with each one:

The Rest of the Application Process

  • Once you have submitted the above form, we will come back to you immediately (or very quickly) and ask you to pay the Holding Deposit of £100 each STRAIGHT AWAY. This enables us to cease advertising the house, and it is “held” for your group pending sorting out all the paperwork etc. Please pay this total amount due in one lump sum via your appointed Lead Tenant to the bank account details we will supply. Put the house no and lead tenant first name on it as the bank reference. We will acknowledge receipt as soon as you tell us it’s been paid. Don’t forget, this money is not “wasted”, as long as everything progresses to a tenancy and you move in, it counts as rent paid.
  • We now send your basic details to our partner Co, called Tenancy360, to process your application. They make contact with you by email.
  • You now supply all the information that Tenancy360 require direct to them including the details of your Guarantor (usually a parent).
  • One of the matters you must as a group decide upon is with regard to your Tenancy Deposit. We offer the “traditional” route of you paying in a substantial sum (equivalent to 5 weeks rent each), which if all terms of the tenancy are complied with, you get back at the end. This is operated by the Govt approved Deposit Protection Service (DPS). Alternatively, we have a No-Deposit option, this is operated by Reposit. See their website on the link below for full details. Essentially this method involves you paying a one-off fee to them (equivalent to one weeks rent each). The choice is yours, but you must choose one option or the other as a group not individually. Click the Reposit button within the Tenancy360 process if that is your group’s choice.
  • You have a maximum of 21 days for the whole group to complete this phase with Tenancy360. If it takes longer then we reserve the right to cancel your application. If the hold up is with a Guarantor (this is often the case especially where the Guarantor is self- employed) then in order to allow the matter to finalise in a sensible time to give all tenants security, we may insist that you choose an alternative Guarantor. That may have to be a commercial one (who will charge a fee) like HousingHand.
  • Tenancy360 then make a report to us recommending whether or not we should accept your group as tenants, and we decide. If we decline your group, of course you get your money back (unless there was any dishonesty involved). Much more likely though is we accept, and we notify you we are making a formal offer of tenancy to your group.
  • You now have 5 days to pay the Reposit fee or DPS deposit if you have not already done so.
  • We then produce a Tenancy Agreement electronically, which passes between all tenants and their Guarantors for signature. It then comes back to us and when we add our signature, all parties automatically receive a fully signed copy to keep for their records. You will need this during your tenancy.

That is the whole process completed.

We next contact you in early May and give you the whole of that month to come up with your groups preferred first-move-in-date.