All our houses are very close to NTU & very close to each other:

They are located in the area just behind the Glasshouse student accommodation building, and the Straits Village building and close to Curzon House Student Accommodation.

You will automatically pass Tesco in the Victoria Centre on foot when coming back from Uni to our homes. Very handy!

From the Glasshouse the houses are all between a 1 to 4-minute walk. So they are very close to the Uni – saving you plenty on tram and bus fares.

Take a look at the map, the dots represent the approx. positions of our homes

Please compare our rents to Glasshouse’s and Curzons and Straits to confirm our great value. And don’t forget we offer TRULY ALL-inclusive rents too.

Get your friends nearby! As our houses are all really close to one another, why not see if your friends might be interested in taking one of our houses too, so its easy to see them during the year?