Rent, Deposit, Guarantor

Rent, Deposit, Guarantor


All-inclusive means you get:

  • Heating & Hot Water - UNLIMITED no cap
  • Virgin Fibre-Optic Broadband Business-Grade, at an average speed of 350Mbps..and that's very fast!
  • Electricity - UNLIMITED no cap
  • Water bills fully paid for you
  • TV license
  • Access to our Discount Scheme
  • ALL our bedrooms have full-sized double beds
  • A Car Parking Space or Residents Permit at every house
  • All Gardening done for you
  • No Arrangement /Agency /Application /Signing fees
  • A friendly & speedy repair service direct by us
  • Window cleaning
  • Storage of your possessions until you move in, if required
  • A Dishwasher, Washing-machine, and Dryer.
We don’t state current availability or rents on this website, please just message us to confirm what’s currently still available and at what rent. Its all great-value!
We price all our rooms individually to reflect their slight differences.”

Summer Discount Scheme

For 23/24 lettings onwards:

All our rents are all quoted on a per week per person basis for our 52-week tenancy. In August/September however your group may not need to occupy your house. So we offer a scheme for new tenant groups, which applies for every day you leave the entire house empty of tenants, for up to 5 weeks. You choose how many discounted days you want!

This discount will be reflected when calculating what you pay as your first (& subsequent) main rent instalment. Due in October, to tie in with loan receipt.

If you want to move in just your possessions from 1 Aug on that is fine, but will halve any discounts due.

If you need to move in just your possessions at an earlier date than 1 August you could try asking the existing tenants if they wouldn't mind you storing things whilst they are there but this is entirely their decision. Sometimes folk agree a small payment between themselves.

The daily discount rate changes over the summer, the reason is we are trying to stagger arrival dates and incentivise coming later than the Tenancy start date to give us time to repair, redecorate and clean in an ordered way, with a completely empty house.

The discounts off the agreed rent are:

  • 2-4 August 80% (maximum of 3 days)
  • 5-8 Aug 40% (maximum of 4 days)
  • 9-15 Aug 20% (maximum of 7 days)
  • 16-22 Aug 10% (maximum of 7 days)
  • 23 Aug – 5 Sep 5% (maximum of 14 days)

That is to 5 weeks of Summer Discount!

So, by way of a worked example, if your group chose that your first member would arrive & move in on 24 August (so that is arriving 23 days later than the start of the tenancy on 1st August) then the whole groups rent would be discounted by

  • 3 days payable with 80% off
  • 4 days payable with 40% off
  • 7 days payable with 20% off
  • 7 days payable with 10% off
  • 2 days payable with 5% off

That totals up to the 23 days delayed start.

If the weekly rent each was say £130 that would mean discounts of:

  • 3 x 0.8 x £130 = £372
  • 4 x 0.4 x £130 = £208
  • 7 x 0.2 x £130 = £182
  • 7x 0.1 X £130 = £91
  • 2 x 0.05 x £130 = £13

Giving a total discount earned of £508 for each person in the group. Wow! And you could get more by delaying further of course.



In order to secure a tenancy with us you will need to pay just one week's rent per person to act as a Holding Deposit. The sum paid converts to a weeks rent, once papers are finalised and is offset against the rent due in October as described above.


This is £500 per person. It is refundable (subject to T&C’s). We collect it from your group via The Lead Tenant* within a few weeks of sign-up, by a mutually agreed date. We pass it on to the independent, Govt backed, Deposit Protection Service (DPS).

The DPS then hold your money throughout your stay.

When you leave we undertake an inspection of the house. Assuming all T&Cs have been complied with (basically, all rent has been paid, there is no damage to the house and all rubbish has been removed) we authorize DPS to refund your deposit within 7 days.

New for 22/23! We have partnered with REPOSIT the modern alternative to traditional deposits. So, we can now offer this as another option. Instead of paying out £500 each as a traditional refundable deposit via DPS, you can instead choose to use Reposit, at a cost of just one week’s rent each! Please use the link to fully understand their offer.

Important: the whole house must decide whether to use Reposit or DPS, the schemes cannot be mixed within one house. The choice is entirely yours. You will be prompted to decide by our other partner organisation VOUCH, who handle our application process. See below.

Rent Schedule/Timetable

Broadly our agreements are set up to make life easy for you, by aligning the rent payment dates to expected Student Loan receipt dates, Alternatively you can opt to pay monthly by Standing Order for 10 months on 6th of each month commencing in August. The total payable will be the same.

What do you have to pay and when?

So here we set out for 23/24 onwards the typical pattern of actions & payments from the start of the process of seeing a house advertised through to moving in, living there and finally departing.

*What is a Lead Tenant?

The Lead Tenant will be the voice of your group.

In practice this essentially means:

  1. When you are paying traditional Tenancy Deposits the money (£500 each) is to be sent firstly to the Lead Tenant. When they have all of it, they then send it in one lump sum to us. That acts as the trigger for us to acknowledge receipt of the money and lodge it with DPS within 30 days.
  2. All of the four instalments of rent you pay (if you pay termly), will be similarly via the Lead Tenant.
  3. At the end of the tenancy if you have paid deposit money to us that will have been held by the DPS. On our instructions they will refund all the money authorised back to the lead tenant. It is then the lead tenant’s job to distribute the money onto all the other individuals in the group. So, choose someone honest! If DPS do need to communicate with your group (unlikely) it is the “lead tenant” they will speak to.
  4. During the tenancy where when we communicate with you, say by text or WhatsApp etc, any information we give to the lead tenant is deemed to be given to the whole group, so they must share the message with the group. Most commonly this might be what day and time we propose calling round to do a repair. In practice we always recommend the Lead Tenant set up a WhatsApp Group for this purpose so it makes it easier, and everyone is kept fully up to date.


We require each student to ensure a parent (or equivalent) completes our Guarantor Form. This just covers us in the unlikely event of a student being unable to fulfil the agreed terms of the Tenancy Agreement. This will be arranged by VOUCH, our partner application-handling organisation.

Regrettably, in the light of some bad experiences and the difficulties of pursuing bad debt abroad, we now require non-UK students who cannot provide a UK based Guarantor to pay all their rent upfront at the start of the tenancy, so there is no need for them to have a Guarantor. Alternatively Housing Hand may be able to help in this situation, please speak to them. The matter will be automatically checked by VOUCH when they deal with your application for a tenancy.


Our Approach to Data Protection:

We store your data on a computer, so as the law requires, we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

No need for any concern though, we only keep basic information.

We NEVER pass this on to marketing companies etc, we share this only with:

  • The DepositProtectionService (DPS) who look after your deposit money.
  • The Uni and UNIPOL if requested, for good reason.
  • Nottingham City Council in relation to queries around Council Tax liability.
  • HMRC in the event of queries around our tax position.
  • Law enforcement agencies

We would also share your phone no. (only) with:

  • Contractors employed to carry out repairs at your house & utility co’s so they can arrange access.
  • Fellow tenants in your own house in the event of failed communication.
  • Prospective student tenants for arranging access for viewing purposes.
For any other reason, we would seek your permission first.

We send a letter to every new tenant explaining your rights & giving our Reg No.